How To Improve Your Adsense Income Fast And Easy

3 effective Rules to Increase your Google Adsense Income

Quite often website owners often forget these very simple tips, when it comes to using adsense in websites. Here are some the very simple golden tips, which may help you to maximize your adsense income.

  1. Dont waste your ad impressions and place your ads only in pages where your visitors are likely to click your ads.
  2. Blend your adsense ads along with the colors on your website.
  3. Dont put too many ads on a single page and avoid making your site look like ad selling site. You can pick the size of the ad which suits your page accordingly.

I have seen many people getting success with wide leader board (728×90) and large rectangle (336×280) sizes. Sometimes instead of just showing text ads, the images look much much better. So next time when you create a ad, just make sure that you allow both image and text ads.


You can go here and know more about google adsense ad format and sizes

Google AdSense

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AdSense Make Money Online

How I Make This AdSense Income?

Do you want to monetize your content websites? One of the greatest and easiest ways to make money from your current websites is through Google Adsense Program. By adding Adsense code on your content webpages, you can easily earn back your hosting fees. If your websites have good traffic, you can make even hundreds to thousands of dollars a day!
Even if you have added Adsense code on your site already, you can still increase your profit by making some simple changes! Here are 8 proven methods to have a bigger check from Google:

1. Create a custom design to blend the ads. For example, if your website has a grey background, try to use grey as the color of the ad border and background I mean just mach ad color combination and your website color combination same. This will make the ads look like it is a part of your website, results in more clicks from your valued visitors.

2. Use Text Ads instead of Image Ads as users can have more choices. More choices mean bigger chances your visitors will click the ads they like.

3. Placing images above ads helps in attracting user attention.

4. There is a special kind of Adsense ads called AdLinks. Blend AdLinks with other navigation links or place horizontal adlinks at the top of your webpage.

5. Remember you for all time put the ads on the highly visible part of your website. For short articles, CTR (Click Through Rate) is best when the code are placed just above the content. For long articles, CTR increases if the code are placed somewhere in middle of the content – visitors read the long content and then they are looking for more resources. On the whole, test the CTR for placing ads in different locations in your website. You will be amazed how the difference between the locations can affect your earnings.

6. Try to mechanize the insertion of the Adsense code into the webpages using SSI (server side included).
Ask your web administrator if your web server supports SSI or not. Then how do you do it? Just save the code in a text file, e.g. save it as “adsense-code.txt”, and upload it to the root directory of the web server. Then use SSI, call the code on your web pages. This tip can save you lots of time especially if you are using generate pages automatically on your website using page generator.

7. If you want to add Google search box, open the search box results in a new browser window, so you won’t lose your visitors. Besides, the search box is better on the top right corner. So you know where to put it.

8. You can block low paying advertisers with Filters. Why would you like to loose a visitor for 0.01 cents, right?
These tips have been used by many websites to boost Adsense income. Try them on your website and see how well these tips can improve your income.

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What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a contextual program that gives webmasters the chance to earn some money from their websites. Webmasters can place Google Adsense ads on their web pages. The ads that are shown on the site are from the Google Adwords network, where Advertisers buy space on websites and pay per click through to their own websites. Every time an Adsense ad is clicked by a visitor to your site you get paid a share of the revenue that Google makes from charging the Advertiser to place Adsense ads on other websites. Below is a very simple guide on how to get started with Google Adsense”

Sign up to Adsense Click Here and it is now time to make an ad code and place it on your website to earn money.

Google Adsense ads will be relevant to the content that is on your site.

Google will start to deliver targeted ads to your site as soon as you place the code onto your site. Google Adsense will try and find relevant ads to place on your site and will match this with the sort of content you have on your page. This will help you in earning more money with Adsense as visitors are more likely to click on ads that are similar to the topic of your pages content.

Creating Your Own Adsense Code:

You need to login into your Adsense account and then once inside choose Adsense set-up. You then need to choose the ad-format. Many Adsense Publishers have had great success using the 336×280 Large Rectangular Square ad. Then once you have picked the Ad Format, you need to change the colours and make the ads fit the style of your website. Once you have done these steps you can add a channel that will track all the ads on your site and tell you which ads are performing better.
Your code should look like the one below:

<script type=”text/javascript”><!–
google_ad_client = “
Publisher ID Here“;
google_ad_width =
Width of the ad;
google_ad_height =
Height of the ad;
google_ad_format = “
chosen ad format“;
google_ad_type = “
Text, Image or Text and Image“;
google_ad_channel = “
The Name you have called the ad, to track stats“;
google_color_border = “
chosen border color“;
google_color_bg = “
chosen background color“;
google_color_link = “
chosen link color“;
google_color_url = “
chosen url color“;
google_color_text = “
chosen text color“;
<script type=”text/javascript”

You need to copy the code into your website.

Once you have chosen your ad formats and are sure they will fit in well with your template you need to add the code to your files on your server. Once you have done this the Adsense ads will appear on your site in the places you intended them to be placed.

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Adsense Overview

Google’s Adsense is the easiest and most efficient way to make money online from your websites. The more you learn about Adsense, the more money you will be able to make from the Google Adsense program. Adsense was set up to help new and existing webmaster’s learn more about Google Adsense and help them earn some revenue from their websites.

Let’s start at the basics, Google Adsense Secret Basic will help webmasters in building their first site and improving their skills, to earn money from their websites.

We teach you how to make your ads in Google Adsense Ad Format, optimize the ads and get the most out of each and every visitor that comes to your site.

We show you Google Adsense Colours and how to create Google Adsense Channels

We will show you the features and benefits of the Google Adsense Login

We urge you to take a look around Google Adsense Secret and find out new ways to improve your websites revenue. If you are new to Adsense, we advise you to read the whole website and for people already using Adsense, feel free to look around, you never know, you might learn something you never knew before. We hope you have a lot of success with all your websites in the future.

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