How to Create a Blog Site?

Nowadays the most effective way to share your thoughts and opinion is to create your own blog.

But how to start your own blog? Fortunately, starting a blog site is an easy task. Most of the blog done with wordpres and blogger.

You do not need to know anything about web development to start blogging: you can create and manage your blog site using some of the free blog tools that are available; some of them are all you need to do is open a hosting account where you can have a blog application installed and activated.

Which is the best? WordPress? Blogger?

WordPress and Blogger are most popular two blogging platforms. I have already used wordpress form my blog. I honestly say that, no reason to consider any of the others blogging tools. I started with hosting default blog option, but when I started learning the flexibility about the WordPress, I switched over in December 2009 and I’m so glad I did.
Blogger is great because it’s tremendous easy to use. However, WordPress has a lot more features and plug-ins that will allow you to enhance your blog.

Remotely Hosted Blog or Self Hosted Blog?

Remotely Hosted:

There are two ways to host a blog. The first way is to remotely host it– which means your content/files literally sit on the server of the blogging platform (,, etc.)

As I mentioned above, there’s always a risk involved with doing it this way because if Blogger or WordPress decide to shut your blog down (for whatever reason), you would lose all your content.

It also doesn’t look as professional to have a blog address like or And if you want to make money, first impressions mean a lot.
For the record, I don’t endorse remotely hosted blogs. I think hosting is so cheap these days that it’s worth spending a few extra dollars to own your content and have a real blog address like — especially if you want to make money.

Self Hosted:

With a self hosted blog, all your content sits on the hosting account that you own. Your blog address is more professional and easy to remember because you can have a true domain like

My blog is a self hosted WordPress blog. What that means is my blog’s content is published to my own domain; my blog address is

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to setup your own blog on your own domain.

  • At first you need to book your domain name. These days the hosting and domain booking is very low cost so you can book your hosting and domain name easily.
  • Now question is where to buy hosting and domain name? Don’t worry it’s very simple, there is several sites those are providing this type of services. Some most popular of them are,, I always recommended to my all client that you must go with “godaddy” or “bluehost” or “hostgator” if you want good service without interrupt.
  • Now go to any one of above website and purchase linux hosting and domain name as per your blog/site subject are. Finally setup your domain by following instruction in the site.
  • Now you need to log-in into cPanel and create a database. Please note down then database name, database username, database password because it must needed when you going to install wordpress.
  • After database created please browse “File Manager” from cPanel home page and by clicking upload button upload wordpress (.zip file) into the server. After zip file has been uploaded please select the file and “unzip” it. You are done everything from technical side not next step to install site.
  • Finally you need to install the wordpress for your blog front end and back end. You just type you domain name (like into browser web address and press enter now you will see a installation screen with some instruction, step by step just following these instruction and complete your installation and you are done!!!
  • Now you can browse your blog by typing your domain name into browser address bar and press enter (e.g. And blog admin address will be like this where from you can add/edit/delete post & page content. Change over theme any time.
  • I hope you enjoyed how to create your own blog. If you are feeling uneasy to create your blog website just contact me I will help you to create your own blog
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