How to Design a Website for Beginners

Few years back, when I was first introduced to the website design and development, I thought it would be take more more to learn everything there is to know about building a website from specification.

It all seemed so overwhelming! I still haven’t learned “all the facts” about Web design or the Internet, but I did make one important discovery on this journey – I didn’t have to know everything about how to create my own website to build a very effective and intriguing Internet presence.

The Webmaster Course website is living online proof that, with minimum Internet knowledge, beginners can design an efficient Internet site in just a short period of time.  Throughout these web pages, you’ll find the resources and step by step instructions you will need to design your own complete business or personal Website.

Designing Your Own Website is the First Step
Whether you’re thinking of starting an online business or just adding your “personal” touch to the World Wide Web, designing your own Website is the first step toward reaching your goal.  You could hire some fancy designer to create your site for you, but that’s no fun.  Besides, you want your Website to reflect your personality, your decisions and hard work, and your unique design style, right?

Here are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning…

Below are ideas both for developing a personal or business Website.  With these ideas, you’ll be able to develop a basic outline for your new Website. I have discussed about different types of websites into other articles also.

Personal Websites:

Share your family tree with others and find long, lost relatives.
Build a site around your favorite hobby.  Let others in the world know your expertise and knowledge about how to do it better.  You can include pictures, demonstrations, and detailed instructions.
Start a community for your family.  Update family reunions (photos, minutes, dates, locations, and times), keep a database of birthdays and “new” births, have a “kids’ only” section, and even start a family picture album for all the different members of your family – there’s tons of unique ways to build your family community!
Offer a volunteer Website for your Church or your favorite organization – Learn how to design a web page for boy/girl scouts, charity events, cancer foundations, etc…


Mover – Responsive Coming Soon / Under Constraction Premium Template


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