How To Improve Your Adsense Income Fast And Easy

3 effective Rules to Increase your Google Adsense Income

Quite often website owners often forget these very simple tips, when it comes to using adsense in websites. Here are some the very simple golden tips, which may help you to maximize your adsense income.

  1. Dont waste your ad impressions and place your ads only in pages where your visitors are likely to click your ads.
  2. Blend your adsense ads along with the colors on your website.
  3. Dont put too many ads on a single page and avoid making your site look like ad selling site. You can pick the size of the ad which suits your page accordingly.

I have seen many people getting success with wide leader board (728×90) and large rectangle (336×280) sizes. Sometimes instead of just showing text ads, the images look much much better. So next time when you create a ad, just make sure that you allow both image and text ads.


You can go here and know more about google adsense ad format and sizes

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