What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a contextual program that gives webmasters the chance to earn some money from their websites. Webmasters can place Google Adsense ads on their web pages. The ads that are shown on the site are from the Google Adwords network, where Advertisers buy space on websites and pay per click through to their own websites. Every time an Adsense ad is clicked by a visitor to your site you get paid a share of the revenue that Google makes from charging the Advertiser to place Adsense ads on other websites. Below is a very simple guide on how to get started with Google Adsense”

Sign up to Adsense Click Here and it is now time to make an ad code and place it on your website to earn money.

Google Adsense ads will be relevant to the content that is on your site.

Google will start to deliver targeted ads to your site as soon as you place the code onto your site. Google Adsense will try and find relevant ads to place on your site and will match this with the sort of content you have on your page. This will help you in earning more money with Adsense as visitors are more likely to click on ads that are similar to the topic of your pages content.

Creating Your Own Adsense Code:

You need to login into your Adsense account and then once inside choose Adsense set-up. You then need to choose the ad-format. Many Adsense Publishers have had great success using the 336×280 Large Rectangular Square ad. Then once you have picked the Ad Format, you need to change the colours and make the ads fit the style of your website. Once you have done these steps you can add a channel that will track all the ads on your site and tell you which ads are performing better.
Your code should look like the one below:

<script type=”text/javascript”><!–
google_ad_client = “
Publisher ID Here“;
google_ad_width =
Width of the ad;
google_ad_height =
Height of the ad;
google_ad_format = “
chosen ad format“;
google_ad_type = “
Text, Image or Text and Image“;
google_ad_channel = “
The Name you have called the ad, to track stats“;
google_color_border = “
chosen border color“;
google_color_bg = “
chosen background color“;
google_color_link = “
chosen link color“;
google_color_url = “
chosen url color“;
google_color_text = “
chosen text color“;
<script type=”text/javascript”

You need to copy the code into your website.

Once you have chosen your ad formats and are sure they will fit in well with your template you need to add the code to your files on your server. Once you have done this the Adsense ads will appear on your site in the places you intended them to be placed.

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